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Molly McGhee is a native Tennessean without an accent. During the school year she resides in Burlington, Vermont where she studies Professional Writing at Champlain College. Currently, she is the managing editor and creative director of her college’s nonfiction alternative publication, Chivomengro. Molly has work published or forthcoming in The Bohemyth and Poetry Bomb and has opened for Clementine Von Radics, founder of Where are You Press. Her freshman year she worked alongside Erik Shonstrom editing 65 Anonymous Essays, an anthology on anxiety. Before she was asked to join Willard & Maple’s editorial team she was published in their literary magazine.

Molly McGhee was the recipient of Champlain College’s 2014 Fiction Award and Champlain College’s 2014 Sophomore Poetry Award. Previously, she has worked as an editorial intern at NATIVE magazine in Nashville, Tennessee where she created short content for their website and copyedited narrative journalism for their monthly publication. She may be reached at mcghee.molly@gmail.com